What's On The Outside Counts - Marketing though shipments

Put your consumer hat on for just a moment and bare with us.  We get excited over that little blue box.  That Robin's Egg Blue one, only we now refer to that as "Tiffany Blue".  That box is now infamous and your company's packaging should be the same, even if you aren't packaging a product.  You need to keep in mind that you are packaging your brand.  If your service sets you apart, make sure your envelopes, and boxes, do too.

As children we would eye that one gift under the tree or the perfectly wrapped box at our birthday parties.   You knew instinctually whatever was inside must be amazing because it was so beautiful.  It would be the one you opened first!

You can take the consumer hat off now.  We must apply the same school of thought for not just product packaging, but also our direct mail packages.  Do not allow your company to be another white envelope or brown box in the sea of white and brown!

Attractive packaging offers the recipient a sense of importance.  That you and your company care.  This is what will set you apart from the rest of the mail and packages that arrived that day.  Chances are your package is the one they will open first.

MaximumReturn.net is all about getting the best bang for your branding buck.  Here are a few gorgeous budget friendly ways to get noticed now!

We are available at anytime to talk with you more about personalizing your shipping department and helping you get noticed!



How to Reach 5,700 Prospective Clients without Breaking Your Marketing Budget.

“…The Ad Impressions Study was first launched in 2006 by ASI’s research team to give our members powerful data that proves what we already know – that advertising specialties are one of the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising mediums around.”

Let’s look at exactly what this means for one small segment of products, the bag.

We have learned that a bag that is branded with your logo or image will generate more impressions than any other promotional product.  The 2016 Global Impressions Study cites that each bag will generate a minimum of 5,700 impressions.  That number becomes even more incredible when looking at the total quantity of bags ordered.

The average bag order at MaximumReturn.net is for 500 units.  Using statistics compiled in the Global Impressions Study, your 500 piece bag order has just generated 2,850,000 impressions within just 7 months of use! 

Branded bags are ordered for a variety of reasons such as client promotions, conferences, and giveaways.  Savvy businesses in every sector are realizing a maximum return on their investment by strategically using bags as form of advertising.  For the companies that offer their bags as a retail sale item, the bag cost is covered by the consumer, some even profit from the sale.  In effect the consumer is paying the company to be able to advertise for them.


We do have a few tips for our clients when placing orders for bags.  These recommendations come from years of experience working with both professional buyers, marketing managers, and end users. 

  • Keep it Interesting – find a bag that perhaps already has a beautiful graphic design to it, then add your logo.

  • Variety – don’t fall into ordering the same color or designs for too long.  You will increase repeat purchases and appeal to a different market segment with fresh styles.

  • Quality –It may be cost effective to go with that $1.00 tote, but if the bag breaks there will be no more impressions.

  • Versatility – Can your customer use it at the beach, the mall, at school, or as a diaper bag?  Keep it highly functional to insure an endless possibility of uses.  77% of end users say that usefulness is most important to them.

Remember to always work with a promotional products distributor that asks questions.  When we are contacted by our clients our main focus is the goal of your campaign and the connection you want to establish with your intended recipients.  Establishing this with a distributor is vital to the success of your campaign and will help us work as a team to select the right “vehicle” for your message.


MaximumReturn.net is a women owned and family operated promotional products company.  We are based in Central New Hampshire and provided services nationwide.  Our team is dedicated to providing businesses, organizations, and the public only the highest quality promotional materials, advertising specialties, and marketing insight available.  Giving you the Maximum Return on your investment in branded merchandise is what we do.